Art & Antiques Gallery

The Grand Ballroom/Art Gallery is without doubt the most impressive feature, and the most breathtaking space in the estate. With mezzanine floor, and tall ceilings featuring the stunning trio of chandeliers, a vast floor area covered with glistening polished porcelain tiles.

One of the largest collections of porcelain that you will ever see here in Australia and is found at Barossa Chateau. Hermann Thumm’s extensive collection of porcelain is from the early 18th and 19th centuries and has been collected from all over the world.

They travelled to England, France and Germany in search of new pieces, and around Australia for the ever-growing collection. The collection was put together over 35 years. Included are pieces from the great porcelain houses of Meissen, Sevres, Worchester, Chelsea and Stinton.

Daily tours at 11am