Barossa Update

Welcome Back to the Barossa!

From everyone at Barossa Chateau, we would like to welcome you back to the beautiful Barossa.
We are open for business! Have a browse in our Gift Store, go on a historical trip with a tour of our Art and Antiques Gallery or just enjoy a Devonshire or High Tea. Oh and we have wine for sale!

From all of us here, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support during this time to us here at Barossa Chateau but also to the whole of the Barossa. Continue supporting this lovely region by taking the time to come down (we aren’t as far away from Adelaide as you think!) and discover things you might not have expected to find here. Don’t be afraid of making it home late, there are many lovely Accommodation spots down here, so why not spend the night in the Barossa!

Welcome back to the barossa